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A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois


Economic Inclusion (Click Here)
Environmental Justice 
Ty supports the Clean Energy Job Acts and has a growing concern about lakeshore beach erosion. Ty is a strong supporter of the expansion of public transportation, including micro-mobility. Ty supports the creation of a light-rail system in Chicago to supplement the Chicago EL system and to increase public transportation available in Chicago.

Illinois has to pass a constitutional amendment to pass meaning pension reform, and it should be down through the legislature.   Illinois and local units of government can’t afford not to reform pensions.  Now is the time to have a real discussion on the future of pensions in Illinois, and how other units of government will begin to reform pension for their future employees. 

Ending Corruption 
Ty supported the passaged of the amendment to the  Lobbyist Registration Act. Ty believes these reforms will open the door to the public seeing the levels of influence members, lobbyists and industries have in Illinois. Ty looks forward to reviewing recommendations from the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform and hope it includes a full two-year ban of all state elected officials, and directors of statewide agencies from registering as a lobbyist.
Illinois' Taxes
The Fair Tax Amendment
Ty supports the Illinois Fair Tax Amendment. Illinois’ budgets have been balanced on the household incomes of working families along with fees and fines that are regressive. The Fair Tax allows Illinois to join other neighboring states in updating our tax code and provide adequate and fair funding in Illinois.
​Ty strongly believes Illinois must work with the City of Chicago and Cook County, along with private industry to create jobs, expand and introduce industry, create affordable housing and create policies that make opening and operating a small business easier.
These policy changes increase the number of entities paying sales, payroll and property taxes and decrease our intense reliances on these taxes.  Creating more opportunities for people to general tax dollars is the first step in creating more tax dollars to operate our State.
It is no secret that Illinois is partially in the state it is in because too many decisions were kicked down the road because no one wanted to deal with “now”. Ty Cratic believes it is time to think about creating opportunities that will yield growth down the road, not regret.
Real Estate Transfer Tax
Ty supports the Real Estate Transfer Tax but only if either the City of Chicago addresses where dollars will go after the budget hole has been filled or a sunset clause is passed in the law.
Taxing Retirement Income
This is a truly complicated issue, there are many retirees or those approaching retirement who are concerned about these types of taxes. Illinois does not currently tax any retirement income, and while Ty doesn't support taxing any type of retirement income currently, this includes pensions, IRAs, 401Ks or social security, he has expressed concerns.
Ty is concerned about large funds being transferred in deferred tax vehicles to avoid paying taxes. There are a number of smaller types of retirement income plans that are used for deferred tax plans, but Ty will not support taxing retirement income of any kind until the Fair Tax is implemented and the State works on pushing economic expansion and inclusion in communities on the West Side.  Ty does not support taxing any retirement income based on taxable income either.
Parts of North Lawndale in the 9th District have not seen development in over 50 years, since the King race riots. Not just property taxes, but income and sales taxes are rising because development has been stagnant. If we widen our tax base by focusing on affordable housing, small business growth, attracting industry and improving education, we can provide relief for working families and single individuals with tax relief. If we don't take that route, we will be faced to continue to raise taxes on people who can't continue to afford it to the most vulnerable.
Elected School Board
The State must properly improve education funding. Ty supports an Elected School Board for Chicago Public Schools, implementing the creation of it with the Chicago Teachers Unions, charter school associations, parents, administrators, and their associations and students. This issue is solely about students and their education.
Ethics in Illinois 
Ty believes the office of the legislative inspector general ought to be more independent. The LIG should have the ability to start investigations and publishing findings without the expressed permission of the Legislative Ethics Commission. The Commission should continue to have oversight and decide to take action or not on any matter that they LIG investigates.
Affordable College
Ty believes Illinois has some of the best colleges and universities in the nation. Ty attended and graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL. Ty supports an increase in the MAP grant for students who can’t afford college and need assistance.
In order for Illinois to retain students, we must make it much more attractive for students. This means Illinois must be more inclusive of non-traditional education styles, like regional trades and specialties, competitive tuition packages, and aid in the creation of new and improving industries.
This includes support for trades schools and community college systems and dropping standardized testing requirements for admission. Ty supports creating programs for state universities to attract more students from in- and out-of-state.
Public Transportation
Transportation. Ty believes expanding mass transit will increase our state's growth. High-speed rail to connect all parts of Illinois like connecting Chicago to St. Louis in less than five hours. ​Light-rail is needed to connect regions of Chicago. Chicago has been downtown centric for decades, but a focus on mobility from neighborhood to neighborhood like Homan Square to Bucktown or Englewood to Pilsen or Jefferson Park to South Shore would create the integration our economy needs.
Data Privacy 
The member Ty hopes to succeed in the Illinois House was the chief sponsor of the Data Transparency and Privacy Act, a bill that sought to limit the type of sharing or sale of data collected from users. Residents of Illinois have a right to privacy, even as consumers using a product. Ty supports a ban on telecom and apps selling data locations or data without expressed consent or customer opt-outs, by way of separately sought permissions and not with updates or contracts.
Term Limits
Ty supports an 8-year term limit on any members of the Illinois House and Illinois Senate. I believe these limits will aid in decreasing corruption, and increase the civic activities of the communities the districts serve.
Fair Mapping
Illinois is a democratic state, but people have the ability to change their minds and vote for a democrat or republican, no matter the area they reside in. I don’t believe gerrymandering is a bigger problem than not implementing term limits. Illinois Republicans have held constitutional offices and lead legislative chambers in the past.  It is not an impossible venture.