Change and Justice is What TyJuan Cratic [is] Seeking for Voters

The Chicago Defender - Wendell Hutson

March 11, 2020


Reducing taxes, increasing affordable housing and economic developments are three areas Cratic, a 35-year-old small business owner, said he plans to focus on if elected.


“People are moving out of Illinois by the droves and the West Side is not exempted from this migration either,” explained Cratic. “Something has got to be done to lower taxes to make living in Illinois affordable and that starts with lawmakers working together in Springfield.” (More)



Candidate Ty Cratic on LGBT issues, campaign challenges

by Matt Simonette



Political consultant TyJuan "Ty" Cratic, who is openly gay, is one of several candidates vying to fill the vacancy left from the stepping-down of longtime state Rep. Arthur Turner. Among his competitors, in fact, is Turner's son, Aaron. But Cratic is confident that his extensive political experience can put him ahead of the game in the heated race to represent the 9th District. (More)



The New Shepherds of Democracy

Britta Lee, Regional Content Editor, Atlanta Daily World

April 21, 2016


Loyalists of the original Democratic Party can trace its roots back to the early 19th century. Starting in the mid- 1830s, the organization grew in strength for nearly a century but was primarily divided along ethnic lines, namely: the Polish, Italians, and Irish. The Irish, in particular, were being recruited to the Democratic party in return for petty political favors and an occasional elected office, according to the book “Ethnic Chicago” published in 1995.


It wasn’t until Edward Kelly, who served as mayor of Chicago (1933–1947), and Patrick Nash, a political boss, came together and consolidated the democratic base into the brand that became known as the Democratic Machine. Around the same time, both men began inviting Blacks to join the party, thus starting a political migration en masse away from the Republican party. Prior to that, Blacks were loyal Republicans because Lincoln, the Illinois Republican President had emancipated slavery. (More)

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