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Economic Inclusion


Let's face facts, Chicago is becoming more expensive to live every day. Families and small business owners face higher costs in food, housing, taxes, and basic needs. 


These expenses come partly because areas of Chicago, specifically in the 9th District, have been ignored since the race riots occurred after Dr. King was assassinated over 50 years ago. We see this in the large pockets of vacant lots and lifeless buildings on the West Side. 

Westside Small Business Incubator

In areas like North Lawndale, there is a skilled workforce with a passion for creating their own opportunities and bringing jobs into the community but lack the technical assistance to open their doors. This is why I will fight hard for an incubator for small business growth west of Kedzie Ave. 


An incubator, managed by a non-profit entity, not the State, would assist newly-formed businesses with support services, helping them grow and operate, even a culinary company or rental space in the closed school's kitchen. 


As the companies scale up in size and revenue, they move out, making room for a new opportunity. The citizens of Illinois are smart and hardworking people, who are looking for assistance from their government, no to be dependent on it. 


Stop "We Pay, You Stay"

Illinois hasn't attempted much outside-of-the-box thinking when it comes to job growth over the past 40 years.


Providing tax dollars for large corporations to move to Illinois or stay in Illinois only provides temporary jobs or relief. That's not a real solution. Illinois must work with municipalities and counties to look at regional solutions and growth.  


When we push for economic inclusion in parts of the District that haven't seen in, we widen our tax base and bring in more sales, property, and income taxes. People counted out of the system are back in. This eases the tax burden on Illinois families and small businesses.  

Stabilizing Small Businesses Across the District

In other parts of the District, small businesses and industries are now faced with stagnate to no growth. Old Town, Lincoln Park, Tri-Taylor are seeing vacant storefronts and Homan Square and North Lawndale are faced with empty strip malls and shuttered businesses. The cost of operating a small business in Illinois has become a burden for some who can no longer bear it.  


We must increase our efforts to spur small business growth. First, start with increasing resources to the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to provide knowledge to new and potential business owners.


Second, study a potential increase in the extension of the Illinois Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit of $2,500 for small business employers who hire new full-time employees before its expiration in 2026.


Third, the State has been able to streamline "one-stop-shop" measures, but when more must be done, Illinois needs to know. This is why I will host two economic inclusion town halls per quarter. 


The only way to realize the constant and ever-changing needs of the small business community is to understand the new issues they are facing.  Sometimes the best way to create jobs is to move out of the way and let Illinoisans create. 

The Future is Here and Near

The next big idea that will change the world will come from Illinois' 9th District. I will fight to ensure the University of Illinois at Chicago have the funding to research and develop the future while being affordable for the future students from Chicago and across the country come here to explore their futures.


The 9th District is home to the Illinois Medical District, UIC, and Rush Medical Schools and Malcolm X College. These are the future of the medical research industry and we must plan and support these institutions.

Ty running for State Representative because this election is too important to be decided by fancy commercials, shiny mailers, and special interest endorsements. This election is about the issues that are being ignored in Springfield and how we will fix them.