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The Governor's Budget Address

February 19, 2020



The Governor gave his budget address to a joint session of the General Assembly in Springfield. Governor Pritzker spoke about Illinois' limited resources to invest and those investments needed to yield the best returns on behalf of taxpayers. 


I support the commitment in his budget address to finding a solution with Mayor Lightfoot and the General Assembly for a Chicago Casino, expanding healthcare, taking steps to fund education adequately, and reforming DCFS, all while doing it in a fiscally responsible way. 


The Governor's plan to hold on $1.4 billion in state spending until after the passage of the Fair Tax Amendment in November is a good step.  


When it comes to pensions, he and I agree, there is no silver bullet for reform in Illinois. It's going to take hard work and tough decisions being made between the General Assembly and him to reach a reasonable conclusion for equitable reforms. 


Expanding the MAP Grant, a program that helped me complete college, to help Illinois students pay for their university and community college is solid ground that he and I stand. The 9th District is home to two great institutions of higher education, Malcolm X College and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Those two institutions will benefit from this expansion. 


A subject very close to my heart, the reform of the Department of Children and Families Services (DCFS). The proposed new investments in DCFS puts some of the most vulnerable children first. His budget called for increasing the field and personnel resources needed for DCFS to do their job adequately. This subject is close to my heart because I am a product of the DCFS system; I am a former Youth-In-Care. 


This budget means a great deal to the people of Illinois; it layouts our properties and seeks to tackles the problem we face as a State. On March 17th, I am asking for your vote and support to be committed to listening and making my office accessible to the people of the 9th District and always giving my honest opinion on where I stand. 


I'm running to make Illinois for us.


Thank you,

Ty Cratic

State Representative Candidate, 9th District